Sunday, May 31, 2009

Recycled benches and pickles

I am sure I have the most generous readers here. Thanks to all the experienced gardeners who have offered to mentor our inexperienced gardeners. Michelle, thanks for your comment. I'll partner you with Jules in Alabama. Jules would you contact Michelle please. I just have one more request for Nicci in Sydney who would like a permaculture mentor. If you can help, let me know. And that's it

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rousted out Early for Rummage

Rolled out of bed at 5:45 to go to rummage sale this morning with Amy .
I found absolutely nothing but Brooklyn spotted a great jumpy seat and told Mom that if she bought it for him, he would be so happy and let her work longer in her studio.

Test ride

See Mom? I could be happy here.

A stop for coffee and bagels, a nice long chat and then Pami called and said she was waiting in front of my house to come in and help me clean. Well, I raced home and now my downstairs is dusted, vacuumed and mopped. Thank you dear. Feels long as I don't look upstairs!

Listed new stuff on Etsy and now I'm off to the studio to work on a couple of things for me.

Garden mentors

Good morning everyone! It's a cool sunny morning here. I've just finished tending the animals and chooks and before I start on two loads of washing, I'm here to partner the gardening mentors with their novices. I have two novices I have no mentors for so if you are an experienced gardener in zones 8 or 9 in the USA or zones 3 - 4 in Australia, I'd love you to join us. I have two people very

Friday, May 29, 2009


In my studio, tucked into the corner. Can you see the candles flickering?
I seem to be having a love affair with rust and metal lately.

Going on Etsy tomorrow:

New Ephemera boxes only 2 available

All the Goodies- this set is bursting
I could barely close the lid

Packaged all pretty- handmade flower

2 sets of pom pom garlands

Each one has 5 poms- garland about 24" long

Someone asked me the other day if they can buy the primitives directly from me. Yep, you bet!

Busy day- Made chocolate chip cookies ( see April 27th post for recipe) for Hannah's senior friends park picnic, then
Brooklyn brought his Mom by for a visit. Always a wonderful pleasure. Ah, that sweet baby smell.

The dogs of course go nuts. Justice is freaking out, "what is that wiggling thing?" and Howie is peeing cause I am trying to get him to go outside. Any other time he loves to go outside, but not if Brooklyn is here. Howie wants to investigate every inch of him. I try enticing him with "cookies"(dog bones), but he is too smart and doesn't fall for it. Meanwhile Justice swoops in and gobbles up her cookies and his! Smart girl, but she cannot handle that many cookies. I will pay dearly this evening with odiferous reports coming out of the rear of Miss Pooch. I finally get them corralled about 5 minutes before Brooklyn takes his Mom home for a nap. It's bad enough when your kids embarrass you, but your dogs!

I worked on Etsy projects this afternoon and put together my silverware chandelier.
Cleaned a little and tonight I have to clean a lot! Did I do anything I planned to do?
Hah! I guess the fact that I got anything done is progress. The studio is just a hoppin' these days. Haven't felt this creatively buzzed in a long time.This time around I pause every day or two and make something for me. Seems to help the flow.

Have a great weekend everyone. Come back soon. More photos and ideas every day.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Angels & such

choir of angels

junking mobile

Ok Amy, got my Friday challenge done, but I need more bottles.
a junkin we will go, heigh ho the junkieo..oh, boy I need sleep!

Four for Etsy

Four of these angels went onto Etsy today. Lovely tags, wire and jingle bells.
All done by hand.
"whenever a bell rings, an angel gets its wings...."
View all the pics by clicking on my Etsy link.
If you stop by my Etsy shop, and like what you see,
please take a moment to add me to your favorites list. The more I am
"hearted" the higher the chance that I will get noticed by the powers that be at Etsy.

Some angel - bowl fillers/ornies will also be listed tonight.
I also have three pom pom garlands to list ASAP. The May 18th post has pics of what they look like. I strung a big one between the two rods in my dining room window. The slight breeze from the air conditioner at the ceiling gives them slight movement and some spin. Pretty.

There are two signed up already for the Gathering class so you may want to consider registering early. I will be posting another sneak peek project we will be doing in class soon. I have to remember to take the picture, and see now is when I need it, but I hate to stop this and go do it has not been done. I'm dancing as fast as I can.

The news on Sue, although serious, we are considering to be good news. She will need surgery and some radiation, but for now, her Doctor feels it has been detected early and has an excellent chance of being curable. I will update again post surgery. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I will be cramming a bunch of stuff onto the blog and etsy in the next week, since I will be taking a break during Ben's visit and Graduation festivites. The blog is now being viewed in 16 states! I want to thank everyone who stops by, it means the world to me. To you visitors, who are "as yet unknown" friends please leave me a comment and tell me how you found oldgreymare and where you are from. Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, New York, Indiana, South Carolina. Hello and Welcome!

Tomorrow I have plans for the studio (lights, I've waited 6 years) and the hall craft closet. Pami, bless her heart, will be coming over soon to help with a few projects and then we go back to work on her new office.

June is just around the corner-3 months and counting. New York New York..."Frankie, say it ain't so".... and get that ^%$# song out of my head!

Keeping chickens and animals with your garden

I'm a solo homesteader at the moment. Hanno flew to Sydney yesterday to help my sister out with her house (a tree fell on it) so blogging might be a bit sporadic at the moment, but I'll do my best. When I got back from the airport and a visit to Shane and Sarndra in their new home, I took my camera into the backyard when I let the chooks out to free range. Naturally, I took photos of them

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Introducing Mamma 4 Earth

I am happy to introduce a new sponsor to you: it's Mamma 4 Earth who makes Waldorf inspired farm animals and toys, using hand spun and hand dyed pure Merino wool. The toys are stuffed with natural fleece. Her yarns and wools are so beautiful and some of them are organic.It can be difficult to find suitable toys for small children that inspire creative play, so if you've been looking, and you're

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Your first vegetable garden

Welsh onions are planted in the top bed here. They're non-bulbing green onions, although there is a red variety of Welsh as well.I am delighted there are so many new gardeners around now. Gardening is one of those things that creeps up on you and while you initially think it's just another simple activity, it becomes more than that very quickly. After the first season, you start thinking of the

Monday, May 25, 2009

Maintaining your garden tools

The past few days have been incredibly busy for me. I had a 12 hours day at the Centre yesterday and go back again today. Hanno is going down to Sydney for a few days to help my sister who had a tree fall on her house during the wild weather a few days ago. I've received a few things in the mail and have not yet responded to the lovely people who sent them but never fear, I'll get to it,

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hannah mowed the lawn, bless her sweet little heart.
New listings on Etsy tomorrow and today.
Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.

The Paper Gathering is finally scheduled.

June 28, 2009

Some of the projects have been shown in prior postings. the paper garland, needle prick pictures, crown tags, sheet music pot, booklet journal and a couple more surprises.

$ 60.00

  • The concept of each gathering is a collection of projects. Some of the projects you will complete at this gathering, others you will finish at home

  • Space is limited to eight students and on a first come, first serve basis. All materials for the projects are included. Payment will be required to secure your space and is non-refundable. Register by June 12th. At my discretion and depending on circumstances, payment may be applied to future gatherings. 48 hours notice of no-show will be required.

  • Come join me as we share good food, great company and create wonderful folk art. It is a day of rejuvenation. It is a day away from the job, the family, and the chores. It is a day dedicated to you and your imagination and creativity. Reconnect with friends and make new ones. A mid day meal will be served.


    Old Grey Mare

    *Upon registration you will receive a tools list if needed.

    Living off the land

    Lettuce, bok choi and cabbages.One of my fantasies when I was younger was to wander off into the bush and live off the land. In the 1970s, many young people thought that was an attractive proposition and while some did it, my life lead in a different direction. I guess the phrase ‘living off the land’ has a romantic ring to it but I had no doubt how much energy it would take and how difficult it

    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    First sale on Etsy

    I had my first 2 sales on Etsy this morning and it feels good. I'm going to be sending a special surprise in the box to the buyer to thank her for being my first cyber customer.

    Now that I have figured out all the logistical stuff, it is back up to the studio to get creating. I have so many ideas running through my head 24 -7 that I really need to add an extra day to my week. Let's see Friday, Saturday, Sunday...Getitdoneday? Proof I need it? The mower is still sitting in the exact same spot and the grass is still growing taller! What IS that? A complete mental block? Hannah, bless her heart, said she will rake and mow tonight when it is cooler.

    On a more serious note, Sue, a dear friend of mine and a friend to some of you also, is facing a serious health issue. We will all know more after she sees her oncologist on Tuesday, but I am asking that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers, or add her to your prayer lists. Another friend of ours, Samantha, who is LDS, has added Sue to their prayer list and as she puts it, "it will circle the globe". For now, Sue is holding strong and has an amazing attitude and loving support from friends and family.

    Two more weeks and Ben will be home, and Hannah will be crazy with parties and celebrations, and I will have no time for working, so I am going to go get busy right now.

    Everyone have a safe and Happy Holiday weekend, and please pause, post hot-dog or beer, to remember those who are no longer with us.

    I will leave you with a silly line.
    "Happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat." (now, do you know where that line came from?)

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    First Listing on Etsy

    The first listing went on this evening. Nerve wracking-yes, but pleasantly pleasing as well. It's nice to have that "I did it" feeling and it was fun sharing the event in real time with Amy on-line and Sarah on the phone. The wonders of cyber.

    More listings on Etsy tomorrow. More kits and paper tags. Next week will be purses. Some of you remember my purses from a few years back. I have found the most amazing fabrics and cannot wait to turn them into my cross body bags.

    I must welcome my dear friend Kristin to blog world. Her second post contains a photo of a little boy very near and dear to my heart. Ricky came to work with his Mom every day and since Mom was so busy with clients and phone calls, I was able to feed, rock and play with that sweetness all day at my desk, for most of his first year. We were best buds. Look at that smile. sigh

    This house is counting down the days to Graduation. Ben is coming in and Hannah is thrilled because until yesterday we were sure he could not make it because of work obligations. Hannah's graduation and Ben home. Perfection. All in all, a great day. I am blessed.

    Good night and sweet dreams

    Are you wanting to simplify and don't know where to start? Here is s small step everyone can do. It's easy, won't cost any money and will make a big difference to how you spend many hours every night, and the following daylight hours. Simplify your bed. Those of you who have been reading for a while know I've written about my bed before but as it's one of my favourite subjects, it gives me

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Introducing a new sponsor - Teaching Good Things

    Have you ever tried to learn something new, a skill that will help you in your quest for a simpler life, and wished you had a friend to help guide you? Well, help is at hand. Teaching Good Things can give you the next best thing, DVDs showing the gentle arts of knitting, quilting and crochet; homemaking skills of cake decorating and canning; as well as information and instruction on auto

    Answering the questions

    Alice says hello. ;- )Good morning! We've had some wild weather these past couple of days with about 250 mm (nearly 10 inches) falling in our area in 24 hours. We have a permanent creek in our backyard that drains water from the surrounding mountains and takes it to the sea. Sometimes I think it will flood into our backyard but in all the time we've lived here, that has never happened. We


    I am completing items for my new Etsy shop and it has been an exciting and exhausting experience. I'm sure the photography and uploading gets easier as time goes on, and I have already learned the hard way to click those SAVE buttons frequently.

    The first listings will be ephemera boxes, full of goodies for journals, crafting, and cards, or the box would make a lovely gift for the creative person in your life. The boxes are wrapped in burlap and twine, then hand sewn in place. Topped with a cabbage rose and handmade tag, even the wrapping can be used for creating.

    ephemera box

    Once opened the box is bursting with goodies.
    Crowns, nests, ribbons, chenille, tags galore, even twigs!

    The next listings will be handmade tags nestled in
    their own envelope bags. Crowns, birds, a pocket watch,
    Merci, and more.

    Today I'm working on the next round of boxes.
    The plan is to have everything on
    by Friday.

    It is supposed to be under 100 degrees today, maybe I'll venture out
    to a few craft stores for inspiration, and then I HAVE to mow the back yard.
    I pushed the mower back there on Sunday. So far, I gaze at it
    through the kitchen window, waiting for the yard fairy I guess.

    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    Making cold pressed soap - focusing on the process

    I made a batch of soap last weekend. For me, soap making is one of those defining tasks of a simple life. Like bread making, it is a powerful reminder that the products needed in the home can be made better, and often more economically, than those bought at the supermarket. Those two tasks, more than any others, also connect me to my past. Making soap and bread would have been a normal part

    Monday, May 18, 2009


    pom pom garlands

    making this cabbage rose garland in paper class


    After seeing pom pom garlands on Pam Garrison's blog, I had to make some for myself. Now, I can't seem to stop making them. I even have a Halloween one in the works.

    I also made a cabbage rose garland and now my studio is full of dyed roses. Not only will we be making these in the paper class, these roses are going to top my ephemera kits on.....


    Yes, starting soon, I will be selling my work on Etsy. There is nothing there yet except a COMING SOON notice. I will post my start date here, hopefully by the end of the week. I am working on shipping issues at the moment, and I want to make sure everything is just right before diving in.

    You can find me at

    I have to say thank you to Amy for all of her advice and encouragement. Her friendship is a blessing to me. It came at the perfect time. Thank goodness for my chattiness at my garage sales. That is where we first met and I admired her scarf and hat and we got to talking.... The rest is lovely history. She gives me such energy and confidence in my abilities. SO many friends have always encouraged me, but I guess I needed a boot in the butt to take the leap of faith, and she wears boots! An enormous thank you to all my old ( no, long time) friends for always being there for me, attending my classes and offering support. I would not have done this without you.

    If any of you have been like me, thinking some day I'm going to_______ (fill in the blank). Give me a call, turn around, I'll don my big red Doc Martins and take aim.

    Blessings to you all

    A crossroads

    I'm at a mini crossroad today. I started preparing for this change on the weekend and tomorrow I dive right in. From tomorrow, five days a week until early next year, I'll be writing my book. The two days I don't write I'll be at my voluntary job. There may be days ahead when I can't manage five days blog writing. My blog will continue, I have no doubt about that, but some days I might be

    Sunday, May 17, 2009

    The feeling of the garden

    A wonderful balance is reached in Autumn and Spring when the weather is neither hot nor cold, the harsh bright light of summer takes on a more gentle glow and being outside is not only a joy, it's essential. Autumn is my favourite season. It is that one time of year when my optimism is at its peak, the grass is greener, flowers bloom, vegetables are set to grow and I see the colder months ahead

    Swap news

    Hello all- just dropped in to remind everyone about finishing up the swap. We seem to have two missing swap buddies: Sandra Tolley and Janet Anderson. Hopefully this will jog their memories and they will contact their swap buddies. I have also been a bit late in sending mine out due to illness in my family- sigh and bah humbug :( . I have just received the lovely parcels from my swap buddies,

    Saturday, May 16, 2009

    In Memory

    Joseph Fieo passed away yesterday. He was the adored father of my sister in law Crystal Rennie. He lived 95 very good years with his loving wife Helen always by his side. They were married over 70 years. Although not unexpected, as he had been failing in recent months, these things are never easy to bear. My love and prayers are with Crystal and Scott, her Mom, and Crystal's siblings Melody and Joe. He was a good man. He will be missed. It seemed important to say so.

    Thursday, May 14, 2009

    Can you make money blogging?

    I spent most of yesterday in my writing/sewing room doing some preliminary mapping on my book, reading your wonderfully generous and interesting comments and sewing. Hanno was out most of the day so I had myself nicely positioned in my room with my sewing machine, computer and note book (not in the photo) side by side so I could slide from one activity to the other with no effort at all. It was

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Introducing the first of my sponsors - Ambrosia's Designs

    I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I was adding some advertising to my blog, you have seen the Google ads, well now I can introduce you to the first of my sponsors. I spoke with Hanno about this at length and we decided that we would only accept advertising for those products that we would happily buy ourselves. Above all else I look for value for money, quality and good workmanship in products

    My House

    Homes say a lot about a person. I believe in making a home beautiful and comforting for my family. I did not wait until the kids were grown to use the good stuff. They used the good silver every day and the good dishes, towels and bedding since they were out of diapers.

    I wanted the best for those I love the most, and refused to wait for holidays or company to "bring out the show." If we didn't use Grandma Rennie's china, and sleep under antique quilts from Grandma Brooks how would my children have warm memories when these pass to them when I am gone?

    The decorating philosophy that works for me is surrounding myself with things that I love and things that serve a useful purpose. I also like to be able to use my things easily and move them from room to room when and if the whim occurs. The palette is very neutral yet not boring in any way to me.

    Many people have inquired about my house and so I thought I would give a glimpse into my workspace and also let new prospective students see what it is like to take a class at oldgreymare. These photos were in a 2008 fall issue of Polished magazine which sadly is no longer published.

    living room

    back porch


    family room fireplace

    family room

    back porch

    My home is a warm refuge for my family and friends. I was always surprised when the kid's friends came over and they were excited to see the house. I mistakenly assumed they would think it odd or too different, instead those little kids spied cool things to play with and explore and the current flock of teenagers always remark favorably about the house. The favorite space of everyone is always the back porch. Mine too!

    My home also provides many ways for me to express myself in a creative way. The rooms are not stagnant, they do change, not frequently, but certainly often. In fact looking at these pics tonight I notice several changes I have made using the "less is more philosophy." Every time I do these purges means a great garage sale, right girls?

    Unless some other coffee filter calamity occurs and I feel the need to blog, I will pause for a few days so that I can finish up the samples, get this class scheduled, and work on Pam's bungalow. It is going to be lovely. Lots of painting ahead, but I can already see them settling in and starting to feel warm and cozy.

    Blessings for your days

    It's my second birthday - and a giveaway

    The Brandywines are growing fast. That sentence was the first one I wrote in my blog and it was on 14 May, 2007. And now, after 901 posts, thousands of comments, 1,165, 753 visitors and almost 2 million page views, today is my blog's second birthday! I never expected Down to Earth to become as popular as it is, even though I'd been a writer for many years before I started blogging and was used

    Snowing in the bedroom

    Let me give you a wee bit of advice. Next time you have gone upstairs, your arms laden with stuff from downstairs to put not set it all on your bed. I did that yesterday and then started to distribute all the supplies to the various rooms where they belonged, laundry, shampoos, studio stuff. I noticed how very warm my room was and walked around the bed to the other side to turn on my floor fan to defcon 5/full blast.

    The only remaining items on the bed were 200 small tea dyed cupcake liners and 400 large coffee filters........

    With a loud WHOOSH, it all went airborne and if I had not been cursing quite rapidly and quite loudly I may have appreciated the beauty of 600 spheres all spinning. leaping and dancing through the air like the first heavy snowfall of the year. They danced into the bathroom up and over the shower door and out into the hall headed down the stairs. hmmmmm

    No pics, but I did pause to enjoy the hilarity of the situation. Life's little moments.

    Enjoy your moments today.

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    Paper Class Projects

    Worked on this little guy this morning. Large enough to use for a plant, pencils etc. I decided to store my crown tags in it for now. Yes, you too will make these tags in class. Sheet music, crepe paper, tinsel and glitter. Of course!

    Baking as part of your regular routine

    Part of my routine every week is to make something sweet for morning teas or desserts. This is a simple thing for me to whip up, I rarely use recipes because I have a stable of favourite recipes that are used in a kind of loose rotation and even though we have the same things repeatedly, their appearance on the table is far enough apart not to bother anyone.Both my sons are fine dining chefs.

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    You become what you do

    I have been thinking about last Friday's Home made post and want to add to it because as it stands, it's not sitting well with me.I wrote last week that I find meaning in much of what I do at home and that being at home and doing all the small things of the every day make me the person I am today. All that is true, but as I'm writing this post for the world to see, I want to add this: I believe

    Sunday, May 10, 2009

    A quiet weekend

    lShane and Sarndra.I hope all the mums had a wonderful day yesterday (or today) surrounded by family. I'm not sure of the origins of Mother's Day, it's probably commercial, but I like how a day is set aside for mother's and father's day. Those roles should be honoured and, quite frankly, I'm surprised they still are. I'd like to send out a special mother's day greeting to all those who became

    Saturday, May 9, 2009

    Weekend Projects

    Worked on cleaning my studio yesterday and found a spot for the letters I picked up in Portland. Yes, that's a 5 not an S, but when I realized my mistake, the girl in the shop and I decided we liked that better. The letters have a bent ledge on the back and they hook perfectly over the curtain rod in the studio.

    I also had a wire basket lying around for months and tried various photos, cards etc with clips in several spots in the house and was not happy with any of the displays. Yesterday morning I was looking for a necklace and "bink" as most of my ideas come to me, I thought I would try hanging my most frequently worn jewelry on it. I love how it looks. I can see and retrieve all the pieces easily. I did notice, as you will also, that my color choices in jewelry are severely limited. Shiny silver, dull pewter and graphite. Of course my clothes are almost always black, tan, white and grey also. Maybe that is why the oldgreymare appealed to me so much, or maybe it's the fact that without Loreal I would have nothing BUT gray hair?

    Amy and I played with my Cricket yesterday and we brainstormed ideas for hours and I was so jazzed when she left that I started on the samples for the paper class. I finished up this booklet at 4:00 this morning. This will be one of the projects. Yours would not be identical to this one because these will all be very personal. I chose to use a bird and nest theme because of Hannah leaving the nest and my empty nest syndrome. This booklet was so much fun to make, I couldn't stop for something as mundane as sleep! Now, it didn't take the whole night to make, I was also working on the other projects at the same time. ( those pics later in the week.)

    This pricked paper is another of the projects.
    I chose to use mine for my cover.

    a sample page

    a little journaling

    my "boo" has wings

    Hannah loved it and it may get tucked into the luggage for New York. I cannot wait to make another one, but which theme should I use, I have dozens percolating now? I have always adored paper, saving scraps from gifts and from store wrappings and my Dad would bring home sample cards from his work in advertising for me to craft with. I still have some, can you believe it!

    Scheduling for The Paper Class will be announced soon. Due to the economy I decided to reduce the number of projects, and so the class fee will be reduced also, and class size is limited to eight. Still an all day affair, you still will be fed, and we will have fun as always with all supplies included for you. Maybe a belated Mothers Day Treat?

    A heartfelt Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Mothers who share in oldgreymare.
    An extra special HMD for Amy and Brooklyn's first.

    Thursday, May 7, 2009

    Home made

    I often write about being a homemaker and the satisfaction I gain from that role. I enjoy being here and making my home a place of comfort and regeneration. I know that if I feel weak and fragile when I'm out and about, that feeling will disappear as soon as I return home. There is a feeling of peace and tranquility here, I feel secure and protected and that all things are possible when I'm at

    Wednesday, May 6, 2009

    Choice, confusion and cake

    You would think that being able to freely choose from a wide variety of things would make a task easier. In fact, for me, I found it very difficult. Yesterday I spent almost all day rebuilding my blog template to make it easier to manage. The template I chose before didn't allow me to do certain things, so I thought I had to bite the bullet and set it up for ease of use. I went looking for a

    Tuesday, May 5, 2009

    Do it yourself vegetables

    I want to thank everyone of you who made a comment yesterday. They added significantly to what I wrote and I'm sure many of those comments will help readers going through difficult times. I am very proud of this little community we have built here, and never more so than yesterday when I read those comments. Thank you.I will be fiddling with the blog again today as the template is not working

    Sunday, May 3, 2009

    Living well on less

    The global economic crisis is effecting my family personally. My son Shane and his soon-to-be wife, Sarndra, both left their jobs six weeks ago to travel to New Zealand for a holiday. They're back now and although they've looked everyday, there are no jobs to be found. Online job ads have fallen 50 percent, bankruptcy in America has been predicted to increase 50 percent this year and there are

    My MAC is sick :-(

    So my beloved MAC goes back into the shop tomorrow to get a new logic board, or as the young man explained to me ( with the upward eye roll and if he was talking to a toddler) is getting a new brain. All this because I wanted to record a cd for my car and the %%$#@ cd got stuck. Joshua Radin... Ben, you were right! He had expressed a negative opinion about my choice of artist.

    Anyway..... I have heard from several people who have promised to try and send me photos, but nothing else has arrived in my in box, and if you send in the next few days I will not receive till later in the week.

    I will be working on samples for the upcoming Gathering (all about paper) and hopefully will have pics to post at end of week when computer comes back home. 

    Pam and I worked like pack mules on Saturday, carting stuff left by the owners out of her new home, and carting her stuff in. Pam had hired Brit (mentioned in earlier post) to help us clean, and we steamed, scoured, scrubbed and a few more s's until the place gleamed. Before I left the beds were set up, linens washed and beds were made up, all ready for a much needed sleep. Kitchen was spotless and all dishes, etc had been run through dishwasher and all food and toiletries were put away. Pam has now joined the Brit fan club and can attest to his work ethic.
    If you have a job you have been putting off, let me recommend him to you again.

    Pam and I found a good deal on a table at Goodwill today that we will work our magic on. I will now start to find other affordable treasures to transform their darling bungalow into a haven. I am now daydreaming about her home. This always happens when I start a new project. I can see the finished rooms in my mind, I just have to hunt everything down, keep the budget low and then click my ruby slippers and we're done! So much fun for me, though the clients sometimes begin to look a little dazed. Pam had that "caught in the headlights" look today. Get some sleep honey, I'll be back in two days.

    I am heading up right now to my favorite, cozy chair to read, something I have not had time to do for over a week. I usually polish off at least five books a week and feel a little "off" when I don't. I even managed to read two while I was in Portland. Reading is better than sleep for me. When I'm reading, my brain cannot wander to worries or fears etc, but my sleep can easily be invaded.   

    Trapped on a desert island? A fully stocked library and I would be just fine, thank you very much. Notice I did say fully I could learn to build a boat and sail to the nearest Starbucks.

    Happy May Day!

    Flowers and organic vegetables

    Mmmmm, that flower was delicious! Flowers aren't just for the flower garden, there are quite a few flowers that can be eaten and when planted in the organic vegetable patch, add more than their beauty to your garden. We always have some kind of flowers growing alongside our vegetables. Sometimes they're flowers that can be added to a salad and eaten, like nasturtiums or chive flowers, some