Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Changing our meal times

Over the past year or so Hanno and I have been slowly changing our eating habits. We started by having smaller servings because our appetites have changed. This has worked well for us and we've been satisfied with the meals we're eating. Now we've moved on to a change in when the main meal is served. We're now eating it at lunchtime.

Hanno is quite used to this style of eating. In Germany

The Best Canine Magic Act Ever!

Clothes make the man, but sometimes it's the grooming that saves the dog.

This poor wretched thing was found abandoned in Leeds, UK, and was freed from misery with sheers and a bath

Decent grooming, good shelter photography, a softening bandanna used as a prop, and a little marketing are all that is needed to save countless canine lives. 

If you have photography and basic Internet skills and are looking for a way to make a world of difference for dogs, this is the way you do it!

Coffee and Provocation


Gideon Surveys All

Gideon comes out of a den pipe in the side of a bank.

Chicken Porn


My Awesome Kids

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pride in Accomplishment

Fashion Dogs

Three on a Match

My two are workers with heads down, focused on holes, while Sweet Pea the young farm dog celebrates without a care in the world.  That's my digging bar in the middle of the picture.

On being a grandma

Thank you for the love, thoughts and prayers sent to us yesterday.

- - ♥ - -

I never thought of myself as being a grandmother until it was almost upon me. I didn't think too far into my future, I just planned for the coming year and left it at that. I didn't think much about my sons' futures. I could see they were well adjusted, ambitious and sensible and I was content to stand back and wait

Iced Coffee and Hibernation



Although the trumpet vine thrives,
I do not

It stretches and reaches toward the sun
I do not 

I hibernate
ponder the power bills
worry over the limping air conditioner

I hibernate
till fall

Think I'm kidding?
Ask around
I'm as difficult to spot as 

a dormouse

It's pretty out there


Iced Coffee
Only 2 spots left in the class
Must register by May 2nd

Children Returned to the Lion House

This is an Old National Zoo sign from Washington, D.C.  I bet returning lost children to the Lion House really did save on food bills for the lions!


In retirement, George W. Bush, literally, paints his toes while soaking in the bathtub. Must be nice to have toes...

First Groundhog of the Day


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gideon Pushes On

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea, the farmer's dog, accompanied us on part of our rounds. 

Sad and slow weekend

We had a sad and slow weekend. We received news that Hanno's sister, Angelica, died suddenly in Hamburg so there were long phone calls across oceans, talks about Angelica and lots of memories of her. She was Hanno's only sibling. Our family is always special but the importance of family is always magnified when we lose someone special. RIP Angelica.

- - ♥ - -

Over the weekend I did a bit of

New Houses in Neighborhood

For a country going broke and with crushing unemployment, there seems to be a lot of new construction going on in the neighbhorhood.  Do I believe what I read in the newspaper or do I believe what my eyes tell me?  That top house can be yours for $2.4 million.  No price tag on the other two yet.

And yet this place in Virginia can be had for one quarter of the price with a pretty house and an excellent stable for horses, 5 acres, and land to ride out on, and only 90 minutes away from the houses pictured at top.

Or how about this place in New Hampshire for half the price of the place in Virginia?

Or perhaps you would prefer this stone place in Pennsylvania, complete with trout stream to fish before breakdfast, eight acres, and a guesthouse?  You could buy four place like this, plus two land rovers and two Bentleys, for the price of that top house.   

And remember, houses are just boxes where you put your stuff.


Gypsy Wagon Porn