Sunday, April 29, 2012

QUICK! Who am I?

My loved one and his loved one.
Sitting on the stoop on
 a California afternoon.
My dearest son knows that 
a simple photo or a few words
can make my day better, both kids do, 
and they frequently treat me with a surprise.
"Cheer the old broad up."  

I have needed cheering lately.
Nothing horrible or awful just the
"I'm tired of being a grown-up and
having to do/decide everything alone blues."

A friend took me out for the day yesterday
after I had a meltdown after discovering 
a mouse in my garage, and he is no MICKEY.
 You guys know I am
the queen of neat and tidy and
 this dismayed me to no end. 
19 years here and I don't even 
have a spider in there!
I then had to decide which horrible way
 to dispose of said critter in 
the most humane way, 
 I can find him again... This ensued major
moving of all tubs etc from floor and major cleaning etc. This added to some major life
decisions that have weighed on me for many months, and so I had one of those
sad, weepy, I feel so sorry for myself cry.
THEN of course I snapped up and thought of 
all my blessings and the true hardships
so many face and I then I felt silly and selfish.
Becoming a dual personality here folks.

Maybe it is merely the onslaught of 
my worst months coming soon.
I despise the heat...
Perhaps it is post-post-post menopause?
Maybe I'm just nuts?
Maybe I'm just sad for all my 
troubled pals and the world 
and fearing the path we are all on.
or again, maybe I'm just nuts?

I am waiting for a handy-man/yard guy 
to come rescue me from the dilemma today,
if we can find HIM!
I hate that I am resorting to male rescue,
but my choice is go crazy or get it done.
I am perfectly capable of dealing 
with all this on my own, I know that..

it's not are you a man or a mouse?...

It's I'm a woman with a mouse,
and I am freaked out!!!!

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