Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coffee and Provocation

  • Irish Man is Champion Sheep Shagger:
    The Scots, of course, are mortified (to say nothing of the Greeks and the Australians), but it seems an Irish man has shagged 731 sheep in eight-hours. I'll bet he was sore!

  • Get Kennel Club Qualified to Kill Dogs!
    If you're willing to take a simple four hour course, the U.K. Kennel Club will certify you as a breed expert, and you can go out and identify "pit bull types" so they can be killed as quick as you can say "Bob's your Uncle." Step right up for the Kennel Club Killing Classes at the Battersea Dogs Home on February 18th. The class starts at noon. There is a special discount if you take the earlier course offered that day: How to Identify a Jew.

  • Cat Fight Over Pedigrees:
    It seems that "Australian Mist" cat breeders (cough cough) have found a perfect way to protect their cartel: sell only neutered or spayed animals. Of course, a local pet store figured out another source: slap the name on any damn cat scraped up out of the back of a barn and put a big price tag on it. Result: Cat Fight! Pur-fect.

  • Dogs in the Womb:
    Dogs in the Womb will be on TV on Sunday, January 4th at 8 pm on the National Geographic Channel. Preview video here.

  • Finding A Use for Endemic Canine Defect:
    Purebred dogs are such genetic messes, that human diseases are now studied in dogs because the combination of detailed canine pedigrees and endemic genetic diseases in nearly every Kennel Club breed means it is possible to find gene mutations faster in dogs than humans by simply comparing healthy versions of the dog (if ones can be found) with defective ones. There is a whole web site devoted to this.

  • Dominatrix Pet Maven Victoria Stilwell:
    Victoria Stilwell shows her softer side in this "Purina Pets for People" Top Ten Adoption Checklist. Pretty basic, but people are dense, and you can never say the basics often enough.


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