Thursday, December 13, 2012


A heavy NYC winter coat hanging from the hook

 A jumbled mess of her favorite throws
 and smooshed pillows on the couch. 
I saw this first thing as I rounded the corner
 into the den this morning. 
Darling daughter is still asleep after working 
until 3 am (6 am her time) on the computer last night.

I cannot explain why seeing these two sights made me well
up with tears, except to say...
She's Home
She's Home
Dearest Son arrives in one week.
His shoes, his jackets will be strewn everywhere.
He's Home
He's Home

I have a lovely roof overhead
Nourishing food in the pantry
Generous and loving friends
Glorious children
A holiday job I adore
Life is so good
..and the tears fall gently again

merry merry everyone
I pray you are as blessed


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