Friday, December 7, 2012

Waiting on Justice

I was awakened VERY early this morning by howling and 
quickly discovered our Justice 
seemed to have lost her sight entirely. 
Terrified and unable to hear me reassure her, 
she was hiding under chairs and 
behind them scurrying around the living room. 
I had a thought that her collar and leash might reassure her,
so I grabbed them and sure enough she walked calmly
 out the door to the yard with Howie leaping along side.
 Once she got there, she calmed down and I sat on the porch
 and watched them and snapped some quick pics.
Anyone remember my floppy stars from a few years ago?
I solved the far....
(Since the pic, I removed the wreath, they looked silly together)

After about 15 minutes Justice trotted back inside
and went to her water bowl and then 
calmly walked straight to her bed and went to sleep,
apparently able to see out of her one eye once more.
She still seems to have a problem with the 
smaller doorway into the kitchen and family room.
She hesitates, then shakes a lot and then dashes through. 
The peripheral vision thing must be difficult for her.

I know there will be more incidents like this morning in our future.
Darling Daughter has not yet seen her like this.
I am glad that she will be home during 
the day to provide Justice comfort when I cannot, 
and perhaps spend her last days with her.

I have no idea how we will care for a blind and deaf dog,
who has many other health issues.
 One day at a time.

Today I'm just going to enjoy the chilly weather
 and the holiday dressings around oldgreymare, 
drink my coffee and get to work.

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