Sunday, December 30, 2012

RSPCA: Rolling in Money While Killing Healthy Dogs

The RSPCA has just spent £330,000 (more than half a million dollars), getting a conviction against a single hunt for a single act of fox hunting. 

One hundred percent of the cost of this prosecution will be borne by RSPCA donors; a dubious use of their funds if there ever was one.

Meanwhile, the RSPCA is killing dogs and cats by the thousands and slashing staff as well,  because it says it does not have enough money.

Complete and utter nonsense.

In fact, the RSPCA is groaning with money, as even a cursory look at their books will tell you.

As I told a Facebook friend who works for the RSPCA in a small section rather removed from the main:
The RSPCA is rolling in money. Money is NOT the problem. The problem is that the RSPCA does not see itself as an organization that works to save and rehome dogs and cats. It's a FUNDRAISING organization (primary mission) that engages in CAMPAIGNS (secondary mission) that will do well in the mail.

They position themselves as law enforcement, but it's a complete lie, as they have NO police powers; it's all dress up, fraud and intimidation. Meanwhile, they shovel dogs and cats into the ovens because KILLING is part of the plan - it cuts down on expenses, and actually works to increase donations.

In short, it's just like the American ASPCA and HSUS: a direct mail fundraising mill that does some small bit of good that is completely out of scale with the massive amounts of money raised, even as their primary mission is a full-on war with farms and farmers.

So who actually does the bulk of the dog and cat rehoming in the U.K.?

As in the U.S., it's not the big-name "humane" organizations that flood the mail, but the small, underfunded groups that do the real job of helping and rehoming dogs and cats.

Fund them, and tell the big humane organization to "go fish."

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