Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Merry To You

The gifts are unwrapped,
the paper and ribbons gathered 
up and put away.
The standing rib roast is just about
 to hit the oven
and my thoughts drift toward 
the Yorkshire Pudding to come.
Breakfast was omelets with a little 
Pride and Prejudice viewing post eating.
That scene of him walking 
across the moors...
gets me every time...

The kids and I have spent each late night
 watching Season 1 of Homeland, that 
I purchased just for that purpose.
We have thoroughly enjoyed it, 
and now I have to find a way to see Season 2.
Spending each evening with them 
in pj's on the couch, 
noshing on a variety of snacks
 has been...well exquisite....

We hit all our favorite stores last week, 
and their Father treated them to many fabulous 
meals about town, while I was at work.
Tonight they attend the annual 
Christmas Day movie with him.

Dearest Son leaves for LA tomorrow
 and Darling Daughter 
heads back to NYC, weather permitting,
on Thursday.
It will take me several days to adjust
and not be sad...even knowing they 
return to good friends and significant 
others who love them.

A few more days of holiday work and 
then it's on to 2013 and job searches 
and house redecorating/purging plans 
and a return to my list of all those
 things left undone in 2012,
and moved over to the New Year.

I have been so blessed.

I wish peace, love and joy
to all of you this day....
and I pray each day
that soon this world will
end the hatred, greed,
dishonesty and cruelty 
that makes this 
gift of life so difficult 
for so many.

I love finding you here
each day, each week.
You make my days brighter,
and fill my heart with laughter.
Thank you for your love, 
your support and exceptional kindness.

Merry Merry to you all.


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