Saturday, August 31, 2013

Simple Saturday Chores

fresh from the dryer
smelling sweet

it pleases me

uh oh another storm coming
better be alert

I love this shot
Howie's tail is too long for him to sit properly
so he has to sit "side saddle" if you will
and to keep from toppling
he sticks out a leg
making him a tripod
Justice is in front in her "spot"

High Noon
stand off

but I HAD to dig at the rug!
didn't you hear the thunder?
another tripod shot

I've gone to the dogs lately
spending days, 
the summer?
 cocooned in my home

puttering, performing simple chores
reading, sewing, painting,
always purging of course
love it - all of it
love the company I keep
unconditional love
(with a bit of neurosis thrown in)

read until 5 am this morning
watched the sunrise peek through 
as I drifted off to sleep
back up at 10 am
as Justice hollered at the base of the stairs
demanding attention

steaming cups of coffee,
warm homemade muffin,
crisp pink lady apple

sliced egg sandwich
using grandma's vintage slicer
a little butter - even less mayo
pepper, a whisper of salt
on potato bread 

a nap is necessary
on the couch
with both my pals 
fighting for position
Howie always wins



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