Wednesday, December 4, 2013

AKC Products Made in China

I saw this stacked in the aisle at Home Depot and used my phone to see the only two reviews up on Amazon:
  • By Patti Mennuti
    (Florida, usa)
    I loved it when it arrived but after a few weeks I washed the cover and it came apart. I threw away the cover and made a cover for this bed.     

  • By Shannon C. Chopp
    (los lunas, nm United States)

    I purchased this item at Marshall's with a tag that claimed the item was "Chewproof". It lasted a few hours before being ripped open and gutted by my Doxihuahua.

With registrations spiraling into the ground, the AKC is increasingly turning to new business models: kickbacks for veterinary referral, kickbacks for pet insurance, and payments for use of the brand and logo.

But the AKC continues to be run by morons and the companies that the AKC is forced to reach out to are not necessarily the best.  Really, who would pay an extra premium to have the AKC's logo stitched into the middle of their dog's bed? No one I know!

And it's not just crappy doggy beds it it? The AKC is also slapping its logo on to Chinese-made doggy chews and treats. As reviewer Pat Farina notes:

This product is labeled as AKC - one would think it was made in the US, but if you look on the back of the package, it is made in CHINA. Treats made in CHINA have been causing illness and deaths to pets. You NEED to READ LABELS!! Once your pet has eaten them it may be too late. The FDA has published warnings about treats made in CHINA but have not mandated recalls as of yet - so it is up to PET OWNERS to protect your pets!!! DO NOT BUY ANY PET TREATS (OR FOOD) MADE IN CHINA!!!!

Well, yes. 

And you would think someone at the AKC would be "heads up" about this.

But apparently not. 

And perhaps that is no surprise. The AKC's problems cannot be fixed because management is either intellectually inbred or ignorant. They are dimly aware of the long term problem, but in the immediacy of their Madison Avenue lives, the world of dogs seems pretty far removed.  Besides, the young ones can get new jobs and the old ones will soon be dead or retired -- though they may be surprised to learn that their retirement plant is almost entirely unfunded!  Whoops!  Maybe they should have been paying attention after all!


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