Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cookie Time

First holiday Batch
Peanut Butter Blossoms
A Classic Holiday Cookie around here

My favorite part?
I race to see if I can unwrap the kisses
 before the cookies come out.
Silly I know, but it's part of the tradition for me.

Tomorrow I make the dough for my
 Mexican Chocolate Hearts
which I'll bake Friday.
Friday I'll make the dough for 
Pepparkakor ( a gingerbread type)
which I'll bake Saturday.

Tonight I have another bar cookie to make. 
The name escapes me.

(Snickerdoodle Bars - came to me 12 hours later)

I used to make 8-12 varieties  for many years
and drive myself crazy with  
multiple cookie exchanges etc.
Now I make the 4 types my family enjoys 
and we gobble them all up. 
Well, maybe a few go to friends here and there.

Thursday is Darling Daughter's B-Day,
so no baking.
Remember that young girl I dropped
Thursday she is 23
Graduated, Working, In Love, 
Living in NYC

Turns out I will have a house full of 
young folks here after Christmas as well as before.
Seems Hannah and her beau have several 
friends coming in for New Years and I am
already out of bedrooms.
Time for the blow up in the living room.

 A loud and busy full house...
Time for soups and chili and casseroles..
I'll go easy on myself and buy the breads...

Lord knows we'll have enough cookies
and how happy this mama will be.

May you be as blessed this Holiday Season


bet you can see my grin from 
wherever you are

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