Saturday, August 30, 2008

John McCain's New Dick Cheney

Is Sarah Palin a complete nutter?

Or is she just a small-town opportunist?

These are reasonable questions.

You see, Sarah Palin, the person-you-have-never-heard-of, who John McCain wants to make Vice President of the United States, supports teaching creationism in school, and she will not answer if she believes in evolution.

She refuses to talk about Darwin.

Can you imagine what America's science programs would look like if we did not actually teach science?

The Chinese are sure to be cheering this candidate on! How else to make sure they kick our ass for the remainder of the 21st Century?

Palin's logic and thought processes are the kind that can bend around corners.

For example, she is firmly "pro-life" and anti-choice, but at the same time she is also pro death penalty.

Apparently humans are only a "miracle of life" until they are born; after that they are a miserable burden, and can be terminated if incarceration costs the state too much.

Palin also supports the aerial shooting of wolves, even though Alaska residents have twice voted, via ballot measures, to ban such shootings. So much for democracy, and so much for Go'd original intent!

Palin also opposes protection of Polar Bears under the Endangered Species Act, arguing that there are lots of them, and never mind what scientists (and even the Bush Administration) has to say about the matter. Who needs science?

Palin also supports building a several-miles-across open pit gold mine on the edge of the largest Sockeye Salmon fishery in the world. The gold mining company she is pandering for is owned by the British and the Candadians -- and the money to be made will not even stay in this country. It will speed offshore with the speed of a wire transfer.

And, to cap it all off, last week Sarah Palin signed a bill to give $500 million of state tax money to a Canadian firm in order to build a pipeline.

A Canadian company? American tax dollars are now going to subsidize Canadian companies? Wonderful.

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