Sunday, October 6, 2013


This thing has been chirping since 
Friday night...
well almost...
It magically stopped 
for several hours yesterday?
then started back up
last night around 1 a.m. and is still chirping...

Now how in blue blazes am I
to balance on a 6' ladder
and reach the upper half of my body 
off and over the Juliet balcony to reach the 
blooming thing?
It looks like a walkway but it's not.
I stuffed blankets under the door
 last night and stuffed
cotton in my ears and
turned on my fan full blast
in a room already 60 degrees from 
the cold spell, which meant I
had to drag out the down comforter.
Turned the tv on with the timer
 and finally 
fell asleep exhausted.

Years ago it acted up and by chance
my handyman guy came by and crawled up 
there and dealt with it...
his handprint is still over 10 ' up on the wall
I was convinced he would 
pitch off and fall.....down down down
scared me to pieces

The truss repair guys
 are coming again tomorrow.
Yeah those guys..
since MAY!
I plan to beg one of them to please 
help me replace the battery and
shut the damn thing up...
which makes no sense since it's wired in 
and yet still needs a battery?

life is befuddling down to 
the simplest things

but I rolled and wrapped wools
to tuck into a new storage area
in the studio
I folded fabrics so that they would 
 stack and fit quite nicely into a cabinet

I tidied and swept

life is befuddling
and so good

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