Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Advent Completed. Yay Sue!

Two years ago I spent the day with 
friends in a Gathering class here at my house.

Here is the link to that day

The short haired blonde in the forefront is my friend Sue.
I joined in her garage sale last Saturday and no sooner had I 
unloaded my stuff when she said, "I finally finished my advent,
go in and see.."

Didn't she do a fabulous job?
Now she had the majority done awhile ago
but kept tweaking it until it was 
just what she wanted, and sometimes
 our projects get delayed right?
Just in time for this Halloween.
This was the first complex canvas background she has done.
Again - she hit it out of the park...or the coven

To those new to Oldgreymare....
from time to time I teach 
Gatherings at my home. 
All day affairs that include all supplies and a sit down meal.
Sometimes it is one large project..
sometimes it can be as many as nine.
We have a blast.
I really need to do another soon.
anyone in? maybe a Christmas one?

One of my favorite things is to see a student,
stand back, look at their work,
get a big grin of satisfaction,
and think..
That's good, I love it!

Yay Sue

I have some leftover pumpkins
 from the 4 dozen I've made and sold this season...
took some to the garage sale Saturday also.

If anyone is interested
email me and I'll send pics, prices and 
quantities that remain.
Some are sold out
limited quantity of others..email me

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