Friday, October 4, 2013

Lies Dog Breeders Will Tell You

One of the big lies repeated adinfinitum by cash-and-dash dog breeders is that there's a shortage of rescue dogs, or that the only pet dogs to be found in rescue are Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas.  

Complete nonsense.

Last week, I could have had my pick of beautiful pure-bred Walker Coon Hounds (adults and pups), Labrador Retrievers, or any other dog cross-type you can imagine. 

I will not bore you with too much detail about the number of dogs, cats and other animals to be be found on Petfinder this morning (375,000), but just consider these lovely pet terriers that are locally available right now. 

Dandy, JRT mix 1-2 years old, spayed, UTD on shots, about 10-lbs, house-trained, crate-trained, dog friendly, (overly confident/friendly with all dogs), submissive, people friendly after just a few minutes, Dandy was one of over a dozen dogs abandoned in Kentucky. She was found chained on a very heavy logging chain. She is a very dainty little girl, very sweet, but is all rough and tumble playing with the other dogs. She does very well on a leash. She's independent, does enjoy lap time, but is not clingy. Available.

Tiki is our newest foster. She was a stray in Philadelphia and is so happy to be in Rescue. She loves everyone and is great with people and other dogs. Tiki is tiny at maybe 10 pounds soaking wet. She is playful and loving and housebroken-really perfect in her foster mother's eyes. The shelter says she is 3-5 years old, but she seems MUCH younger. Available.

Ariel-JRT/Terrier, Rough Coat, 6 yr. old female (Sept. 2013) Ariel came to the Rescue because her owner, an elderly woman, had to move in with her daughters due to health issues. Ariel is a very loving, friendly dog, but will not get along with the other small dogs in the new house. To bring peace to the family again,they have asked us to find a good home for this sweet girl. She's house trained, fine with cats, children, people of all ages and large dogs. Ariel is 6 yr.old and weighs about 14 lbs. If you are looking for a smaller, mature, sweet, and easy going friend then Ariel is your girl! Available.

This fellow may not be available for long -- stay tuned.

The vast majority of folks who want a dog are simply looking for a pet -- not a working dog, not a show dog.  In almost every instance, their family's canine pet needs can be met locally by a rescue located within a  two-hour drive of where they live.  But you say you want a puppy?  Guess what?  You are not EVER getting a puppy -- You are ALWAYS getting a DOG.  If you do not understand this last sentence, then maybe what you really need is a cat or a goldfish.

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