Sunday, October 20, 2013

He Cooks - Mama Snoozes

Ben was in town shooting the premier event for 
"Last Vegas" opening soon.
Convenient premier here in town to come see Mom
Is it a photo bomb when it is about you?

Adventurous cook always
Always loves to cook for me and others
He has a lucky girlfriend and friends 
Always delicious
Chicken with red peppers onions and lemon 
steamed in parchment
Paired with pasta made with basil,
 avocado and lemon pesto ( missed pic)

Loved this wine we tried..
then I needed a nap

He also makes a mess when he cooks 
and he always cleans it up.

Dearest son heads back home today...
60 some days till he's back for holidays,
and baby sister will be here also...
ding ding a ling
ding ding a ling

Brenda in Canada I am still trying to reach you.
Your email is corrupted somehow.
Please contact me using a different email.

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