Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Trip To The Market

so i dragged myself out to store for dog food, since i could not feed the pooches another day of torn up bagel, egg and dog treats as their dinner... with hair that looked like i had stuck my tongue in a socket..and i am not imagining it, people actually stared at me and turned to take another glance as i passed..wild hair with perhaps a few dry leaves matted in, flannel shirt, heavy jacket, thrice wrapped scarf around neck in 65 degrees, no makeup, deep black crescent moons beneath my eyes, a cart piled to overflowing with cough syrups, kleenex and vicks vapo rub, and frozen 10 for reduced price of 1.88ea ... hacking and sneezing with wadded kleenex stuffed up my sleeves and in my hand.... changing the direction they were walking and making a wide arc as i passed..
the clerk actually stepped back from the counter and used a pencil to type in the items and laid the receipt on the counter rather than get within 12 " of my kleenex holding hand 

i think i may be ill

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