Monday, January 14, 2013

The River Road

Vehicle-impact deer on the River Road yesterday.  Crows were tearing up the rear end, but fox and maybe a coyote had already started opening up the carcass sometime during the  night. 
With large animals like deer, the point of entry for animals like fox and vultures is usually the anus, as it's a soft opening.  Smooth deer hide and hair is simply too tough a place to start.  Eyes generally fall to crows pretty quickly, but they were still intact on this carcass for now, as the rear end was a more attractive buffet.

The River Road (this very one!) gets a mention in this Mary Chapin Carpenter song.  A local girl, she used to play at Food for Thought, where I was a $5 tipper. "And tonight I am thinking of someone, seventeen years ago, we rode in his daddy's car down the river road."  Yes indeed.  But maybe more than 17 years ago now, eh?

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