Monday, January 28, 2013


I feel bad about doing this.
I do not wish to add poundage to anyone,
but so many of you asked...
and I could not reply via email
(will be repaired soon WoOt)

so Tada!
Cookie Butter
"A deliciously unusual spread reminiscent
of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits"
a la Trader Joes

it's grainy and sweet but not too sweet
celery, apples, ice cream, pretzels

now here is the disclaimer..
several pals have tried with 
mixed opinions...
for me?
Hand me the engraved vintage spoon...

in bold and italics

for all the loving comments and emails last week.
Since I was unable to reply to most of you
please accept this group hug
from me to all of you.

I tried nearly all of your suggested remedies
and something worked, 
or I simply survived the required 7 days.
Nighttime cold syrup chugged
straight from the bottle.
Now THERE is a remedy. wink

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