Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Day Disclosure

Five Days
Right Here
2 boxes for Kleenex (new and used)
Remotes at arm length
Bag of cough drops, throat lozenge etc
Jar of cookie butter for comfort
See spoon tucked into tallow berries for cookie butter?

Space Heater
1 quilt
1 down throw
Robe thrown on chair
Empty water bottle discarded for Howie
My "man" slippers

Howie chewing water bottle

After the bottle tussle
A miracle I don't trip

Sick Schmick

Five days 
1 shower half way between
3 frozen dinners ( not worth the 1.88 ea YUCK!)
2 cans of Progresso light chicken noodle
1 box of Mrs Grass's chicken noodle
1/2 jar of spoon fed cookie butter
1/2 container ea - lemon sorbet- dark red cherry sorbet
2.5 boxes of kleenex
10 cups ea of tea/hot lemon water w/ honey
2 bottles of cold medicine 1 day 1 night
Small jar of vicks
12 naps
A zillion movies on tv
last night... Perfect Sense...
this one escaped me in 2011
hmmm? perhaps the subject matter wasn't ideal
for my current condition
(great naked Ewan McGregor though)

I'm done, I surrender...
The cold/flu/bronchial incident of 2013 is the victor
and I thought pneumonia in 2012 kicked my butt...
time for more movies..

happy weekend y'all
and thank you dear hearts for all the well wishes
they warm my heart like the
space heater does my tootsies


added injury:
my ability to answer emails has failed
thank you cox cable -
some magic fingers in Atlanta
need to repair it they tell me
and since it's the weekend already there
they may get to it by next Tuesday.
I can however use incoming email and internet,
thank goodness or this 
wild haired, hacking, mismatched 
missing buttons, pajama wearing, old broad 
would be headed downtown 
to go screaming mimi banshee on someone!
I love the guy I spoke with for 20 minutes.
Totally clueless, and he told me
he had fixed three others today
but couldn't remember how to fix mine,
since I use a Mac
Please continue to talk to me.
it's lonely out here...

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