Monday, January 21, 2013

hmmmmmm and &#?

2 pitchers /small shaker
cookie cutters
cookie cutters
vintage blue quilt
corner shelf
3 boxes tree ornaments / gumdrop set
2 bleacher seats
area rug
west elm duvet and 4 shams 
2 duvets PB and west elm
2 repro quilts 

2 European style new PB linen shams SOLD
White beaded and rhinestone tree skirt
Floral sofa  SOLD

So I started a post about the latest group of purge items this morning and then I received another well, snarky email. I had two others this week.

Something so simple, and yet amazing how odd people can be.
I don't wish to focus on negatives here so I won't tell tales, let's just say take your weirdest garage sale experiences that make you tilt your head and say hmmmm? or in my case &#%? and put them in written form...jeez louise. I had several on-line sales that were easy peasy and lovely, and local gals are always dear, so thank you ladies, but the snarky is just not worth it..
So you'll just have to take my word that I will eventually purge 100 items. Already filled two bags of clothing  (40 pieces) this afternoon, headed to charity tomorrow.

I pick my battles. Close friends will tell you that I am a militant warrior when it comes to injustice, but taking crap from unknown people in cyberville is a waste of my time.

So back to regular programming. I hope those of you purging continue to do so with joy, and a sense of accomplishment. I applaud you...and to those very few who find it so difficult to be polite and kind, and are the equivalent of a hoofed mammal of the horse family with longer ears and a braying call.....&#?

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