Monday, April 15, 2013

Pin It

Finished up these pin cushions
Fashioned from meat grinders
They clip onto your work table at
 home or for a class

Stuffing includes lavender and
topped with premium distressed burlap
Been making/selling these for over 10 years
These are the last of the grinders,
found during last purge

1 small  $28 + (12 shipping) 11"
2 medium $28 ea + (17 shipping) 12"
1 large $33 + (17 shipping) 13"
1 jumbo $33 + (17 shipping) 16"

See my check covered one? Used almost daily
One of three in my studio
I must have one for each table

Clamped on
I've added distressed tags and MOP buttons

These will ship in flat rate boxes 
because they are very heavy
which is why shipping is what it is.
Email me to purchase

another type of pin
saw on pinterest

All wrapped up
Two tension bars in small corner of my cupboard
has corralled all my wrapping paper

No more dusty tub under bed

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