Saturday, April 20, 2013

AKC Banks on Puppy Mills

Over at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Amy Worden writes:

It wasn't too long ago that the Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs, which represents AKC breeders here, barred members from selling to pet stores and supported efforts to crack down on puppy mills.

But by the time the general public got behind Gov. Rendell'spush to set standards for high volume breeders (it was in fact the seizure of 336 dogs from a filthy kennel owned by AKC breeder Michael Wolf of Chester County in 2006 that sparked the first major outcry in Pennsylvania) the AKC was siding with some of the worst kennel operators in the state - most of whom are no longer in business thanks to the new law.

As enforcement efforts mounted, time and time again AKC breeders here as elsewhere were cited for running illegal kennels and animal cruelty.

In case after case, reported in this blog, no AKC breeder has spoken out to me against abusive and neglectful conditions, even after breeders were convicted. Nor did they express compassion for the voiceless victims, even as cash-strapped rescues and shelter groups mobilized to save them.

Worse, animal advocates say, the AKC, in its quest for registration dollars, is actively courting puppy mills with appearances at events and big ads in the industry publication, Kennel Spotlight.

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