Thursday, April 18, 2013

Is the AKC Ripped and Ready?

The AKC has started a blog.

Yes, the organization that cannot get its online calendar and forms to work right is now ripped and ready... for 2004.

You remember 2004. That's when the AKC had TWICE the membership it has now.

Yes, that's the real figure (see graph below and read AKC Registrations Crash, Operating Deficits Follow).

That was the year this little blog started.

The new AKC blog is feeling its way and appears to be boldly positioning itself as an entirely content-free zone.

It feels like a public relations shop sold them an idea that they bought, and then the PR firm put the youngest and cheapest kid they could on the account in order to maximize the profit.

That's an old game and a good one to play with clueless management that is selling defective products based on Victorian romance and bad science.

Nope, there's no sign of a turn around at the AKC. Quite the opposite. Full speed into the wall!


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