Friday, April 5, 2013

I'll Stop - I Swear

don't piss off the fairies

broken and abused find a home

concocted this last night
it's loud WoOt!

Discount roses at market,
they arrived too late at the store for Easter
 the gal said...5 bucks!
My mom's pitcher, older than me

talk about dappled light

Fell asleep out here last evening
on my new lounge.
I normally have to pay my yard guy 100.00
to come clean up in a day what took
me over a week to accomplish.
Dancing toward 60 isn't what it's cracked up
 to be when it comes to chain saws and gutters. my head that means I had an extra 100.00
in the budget to splurge.
Saw a pretty decent padded lounge
 in front of the market for 129.00
Right color, 6 adjustable positions

I grabbed it.
Don't know how to arrange the yard just yet,
this guy is big, but nap-a licious

I don't want my looming neighbors to be able to see
me sleeping out here..
yep, usually in mismatched pj's,
so it may stay crowded in this space for a bit.
Until it is too hot to nap.

I'll stop with the garden now - I swear
don't know what's come over me this year

Happy Birthday Chania
my dear friend
( go over to Razmataz and buy yourself a pretty bauble
your birthday is coming, you deserve it)
A good weekend wish for everyone


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