Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gone To The Birds

A few years back I spent untold hours
each evening
 watching a pair of eagles nest 
and eggs hatch and eaglets fledge
on a live feed.
I gasped each time one of them seemed
 perilously near the edge and 
nearly wept at the nest covered in snow and winds blowing
 so hard that my eyes would sting in sympathy..
When they were calling to each other,
Howie and Justice could hear them
 and they'd run in circles and bark.
Indoor exercise
To say I was obsessed is a gross understatement;
me and a couple hundred thousand others were the club.

I stumbled across these new guys through 
another world conservancy charitable group
 I help and now...

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology 
remains #4 in my bookmark bar

I waited anxiously for this to arrive

and loved every sure to visit all the links
and marvel at the commitment of these men.
8 years 18 expeditions

It's only 4 minutes to watch this...

big day 2013 is coming up in a few weeks

and now I am addicted once more.

Meet Big Red and Ezra

red tail hawks

Reality TV
for real

Grab a cup of Joe,
your kids, your grand kids
 and marvel at this planet.

Sonja have some tea 


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