Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Few More Touches

Justice has a habit of sleeping behind the wing
chairs in the living room.
A few days ago she got under and behind the chair 
and while trying to leave, got turned around,
confused, and ended up trapped 
and howling under the tree. 
She nearly toppled the tree,
and thank goodness I was home.

 I borrowed this fencing from my pal Sue last weekend.
It needed to be repaired so after a bit of surgery last evening,
I placed it around the tree to prevent any more mishaps.
It touches the back wall preventing her 
from getting under the tree in any way.

I loaned a few bottle brush trees to Sue
for her to use this year, 
and when I saw how many I still
had in the box, well..
a few more showed up here and there
 at oldgreymare.

The ones above are tucked into crystal door knobs.
I also loaned out some garland and some bed springs...
She liked what I had done with some in the table boxes.

Tis the season to share with our friends and family

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