Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bicycle Built for Digging

I am thinking this rig might be fun, with a dog on one side, and a small digging kit and/or another dog on the other side.

The shovel is the wrong shape (it needs a point), but the basic idea is right. I am thinking the bar and posthole digger could be fitted vertically, over the back with PVC tube holders, or perhaps parallel to the shovel.

Too much? 

I may get a mountain bike and try to do this. It might make it a bit easier to get around on one or two farms I hunt.  I am not sure if this would be worth doing as purely a digging thing, but it would be very fun transport for the dogs when not digging!

I think I would want a plywood baffle to keep the dog's face in one piece. I suspect this bike might never have been ridden with the dog in the position seen here.

The trick, of course, is a heavy duty touring rack in front, the kind you might see in AsiaNo welding is needed to make such a thing, apparently.

Of course, the absolute best thing, if money-is-no-object, is probably to buy an electric-assist cargo bike like the NTS, seen below.  But, of course, money is always an object.  It just so happens that I do not have $3,500 lying around loose in a drawer.  And I bet you don't either!



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