Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lifeboat Company Endorses Titantic Mistake

Life should come with a laugh track.

The latest bit of absurdity is that the Kennel Club has just announced that the "International Canine Health Awards" will be awarded at the Crufts Dog Show in March, with "substantial cash prizes donated by Vernon and Shirley Hill, of Metro Bank."

Vernon and Shirley Hill? The same Hills -- they are Americans -- who made their fortune in banking and who now own PetPlan, the pet health insurance company?


The Kennel Club will sell dogs with holes, and PetPlan will sell financial plans for paying for all the patches that will be needed to fix them. 

Veterinarians will get rich, bankers with insurance companies will get rich, and the dogs... well, the dogs cannot talk can they?

Imagine if a company that made life boats endorsed the folks who made the Titanic. Same thing.

You will want a lifeboat, you will be told.  Look what happened to those poor bastards on the Titanic!

Right.  Not many people talking there!

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