Saturday, November 9, 2013

Play Acting Tough

Another young wanna be terrier digger posts dog fighting shit over on Facebook. "For historical purposes" he says, as if that is a pass.

It isn't.

These young wannabes don't know the stain or the shame or the damage done by dog fighters and pretenders.

In life, don't mimic thugs or criminals, the cruel and sick, bigots or haters.You can be tougher than that and more than that. Stand for what is right and stop showing you are weak by play-acting tough.

You want to be tough? Go ahead and stand for the poor, the broken, the voiceless. Throw dirt with a shovel, not a keyboard. Build something that lasts, and remember it will not be built in a day. Take a punch in a fight for right. The world does not need more Walter Mitty types buying Ninja swords off Amazon and playing play station in their mother's basement. Grow the fuck up.


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