Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bucket Bucket - Who has the bucket?

We are off to a good start!
purge that crap
dump those doozies
I have had as many email questions as comments 
and I'm poppin' in quickly to clarify.

The bucket is not just for bloggers,
or specific to blogging issues.
Barking dogs, 35 items in a 15 item line,
(and why are they often in stilettos with their boobs hanging out,
just in Vegas?
"protruding boob permission" to ignore rules?)

WHATEVER has your
knickers in a bunch
Yes, if it's been mentioned before,
of course rant again about your own issue.
Think of it as your own personal spot to vent,
and read the others if you wish to or not.
The idea is to get it out!
Free therapy

If you select anonymous, I do not see any source either.
Several gals thought I could, but nope.
If you don't have a blog, but still want me to know it is you,
then select anonymous but sign the comment inside the box
 Dorothy, Bernice, "the fiddler" etc so I will know... get it?

Again, just plain nasty, intended to hurt another,
 comments will not be published.
Keep the spirit of this please.

A LOT is not spelled ALOT!
It's not.
A lot means to a large extent
Allot means to apportion something
ALOT does not exist

see? anything that grrrrrr
grinds your teeth
Remember this link will remain open
up there in the bucket corner, 
as long as this blog remains open.

uh oh
Anyone see a bus with my name on it 
headed this way?

Oh that's right, I was already run over 
by it last week by the
 King Putz. 
 From here on out known as KP

 : - D

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