Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dog Carts and the Extinction of Memory

Dog cart selling meat scraps for pets.

The first thing that goes extinct is memory.

Who alive, among us today, remembers when dog carts prowled our streets?

And yet in most of Europe, and in the largest cities of the U.S., they once did, pulling small wagons filled with milk, bread, and perhaps ready-to-drink lemonade or tea.

Dogs were used in war too, to pull ammunition and machines guns to the front lines (dogs are harder to shoot than horses), and to pull reels of communication line and barbed wire.

Would a dog-drawn small business work today?

I think so.

Imagine a dog-drawn ice cream, lemonade, or hot dog cart. The novelty of the thing would be a competitive advantage, attracting kids and adults equally. Here's a small-business idea just waiting to happen!

Dog cart, Brussels. Probably milk.

Dog cart with milk canisters. Large terrier is probably a guard dog.

Bakers dog cart, brace of dogs.

Dog cart mobile tea delivery, Brussels, with three dog team.

Baker's dog cart with handles to help the dog up hills,and to slow the cart going down.

Dog cart with ammunition, 1917, Italy. Brace pair.

Dog cart with milk canisters, Holland. Handle to help push and slow cart as needed.

Dog cart with milk canisters.

Dog cart with machine guns, World War I, Belgium.

Dog cart jitney, Canada.

Dog cart, Belgium, with three dogs. Probably a produce cart.

Dog cart with milk canisters, Lucerne, Switzerland.

Silent film star Mary Pickford Dog with dog cart in the movie Pollyanna.

Milk cart pulled by brace par of shepherds, Lauterbrunner, Switzerland.

Dog cart with milk canisters, Rosendaal, Netherlands.

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