Friday, March 15, 2013

The Big Wink at Crufts

Abnormal people with twisted values, and a deep-seated fixation on hairdressing, parade abused animal at the end of a string leash. 

These dogs have faces so smashed in that they can barely breathe, and they overheat from a simple walk across a rug.  This is not episodic distress -- this is a lifetime of it.

Pekingese are the breed that won Crufts in 2003 and Wesminster in 2010, but the "best of breed" failed the vet check at Crufts in 2012

In 2013, however, with no improvement in the breed at all, but with a careful selection of Kennel Club-approved vets doing health inspections (without stethoscopes or any other instruments), all things were deemed to be 100 percent better. 

A miracle!

The important part, of course, is not improving the actual health of the dog, but improving the selecton of those who approve of the health of the dog.

Welcome to Stalin's Big Wink.


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