Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rats Like Cats and Dogs That Work

It's always amusing to me to read the hunting stories of others.

The rats are always as big as cats, the fox as big as coyotes.

Pictures? Didn't think to bring a camera.

A scale? No, never had one of those.

A tape measure? No, never had one of those either.

Of course, the same is said about various breeds of dogs.

A lady in Ireland posted on the Internet that she had working Glen of Imaal terriers.

Really? Registered dogs and not Jack Russell crosses?

I sent her an email, noting that if she had pictures of her dogs with locator collars on, and a fox at a sette, I would send her a copy of my book for FREE, as I would be thrilled to see such a thing. I was not interested in posting the pictures -- just interested in seeing them.

Bottom line: I am still waiting for those pictures.

She said she never allowed pictures when hunting. Really? Odd. It's completely legal to hunt fox with dogs in Ireland, and I have a hard drive full of such things sent to me by my Irish friends who have no fear of sending them around.

Surely she knew hunting fox was legal in Ireland? Silence on that question.

Instead, the response back was a slide off into the ether. It seems someone "owed her a day out" and she would send me pictures then. Eh?? OK.

But I'm still waiting. Maybe one day they will come. That said, I did find it an odd choice of words. Someone has to take her out? Why? Does she not own her own tools? Can she and her dogs not locate their own fox? Is her idea of a working dog a "one and done" kind of thing in which a working dog is made in a single dig?

And why do all my Irish friends use Patterdales and Jack Russells? Even in European countries where Badger digging is entirely legal, no one is using a Glen of Imaal terrier! In fact, hardly anyone in the world, digging or not, has any interest in owning this nearly useless and not very attractive breed whose true history is that of a left-over turnspit dog. No wonder they are one of the rarest breeds on earth.

Perhaps this person in Ireland is genuine, but you will pardon me if I profess some skepticism. You see, I have never met anyone who actually hunts with dogs but who has no hunting pictures. I have, however, heard a lot of "fish stories" in my day, and more than a few dog yarns from pretenders as well. I am always eager to be proved wrong, but with some breeds I have yet to have that pleasure.

Speaking of which, if anyone is really good at PhotoShop, I need some help illustrating the story of how my dogs bagged an 80-pound fox, a 75-pound raccoon, and a 40-pound groundhog. It would be especially nice if a Super Model could be slipped in standing next to me as well.

Now, to be clear there's nothing at all going on between me and the Super Model. It's just that Claudia Schiffer really likes to hunt. We are just good friends.

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