Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stop Getting Ripped Off by Price-Gouging Vets

Every dog man worth his salt knows how to save big money by doing several small things;

  1. Vaccinate your dogs yourself. Every veterinary supply catalogue sells vaccines, which are very easy to give. Kennel owners are not going to the vets to give their dogs their shots, and after that first year they are not revaccinating their dogs.

  2. Treat small flesh wounds and ear and urinary tract infections with nonprescription antibiotics sold in every dog veterinary catalogue on that "mysterious" page devoted to fish pharamaceuticals. Now you know why that page is there!

  3. Worm your dogs yourself.  You do not have to do it often, it costs very little, and a good three-worm medicine is sold in every veterinary catalogue.

  4. Small wounds can be closed with crazy glue. Crazy glue is the same as VetBond, and every construction worker and dog man has been using it to close cuts for the last 30 years.

  5. Heartworm medication does not have to cost very much. In fact, it should cost very little as the active ingredient (made by the same maker as Heartgard) is sold by the gallon at feed stores). No reason to mix your own (and quite a few reasons not to). I order mine from JR Enterprises.

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