Friday, March 29, 2013

Enough With The Yard Z

Making progress
Working around the house from
north face to south face.
All the empty pots, tubs and wagons will soon have flowers.

Opposite side of walkway

The bud became a bloom

The sun rises in the east and slowly lights up 
this side each morning,
peeking through the trees.
Those are bottle brush soon to be filled with red 'brushes".
They are 20 years old and on their last legs..
Certain times of the year you get bee bombed
when you walk along the path.

Had coffee here on the porch this a.m.
Doorway into the sun porch that you all like.
I see I need to retighten all the twinkle lights out here,
they're a mite droopy.

Of course Howie snuck into this pic,
I almost made it without him photo bombing..

I'll finish up the yard this weekend.
I'll spare you the dog run and such.
Enough of my yard already!
I hope everyone has a blessed weekend with 
their loved ones.
I'm playing yard hooky with a pal today.

(oh and Ellie I wanted to write you
but you are "no reply comment",
with no email address...
BC is a lovely place, indeed it is)


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