Monday, September 16, 2013

Basket Case Needs a Basket

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are basket cases, as are English Bulldogs and Pugs.

The solution here is not to "outcross" these dogs as they have no useful genetic code to keep, and serve no useful function except as pets.

Outcrossing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or an English Bulldog, or a Pug makes as much sense as taking a turd and trying to put it under pressure and heat to make coal and then putting it under even more heat and pressure in order to make a diamond. Even if it could be done, why would you do it?  

Those who talk about "outcrossing" these three nonworking breeds in order to "save" them are not putting dogs first, but ego first. 

"Outcrossing" is about making a new cash market for slightly less defective dogs.  It is also about positioning oneself as a "rescue ranger" who is going to "save" a breed that does not need to be saved, but instead needs to be quietly shoveled into a grave.

The solution for the Cavalier is to scrap the name entirely. Who needs it? Folks that want a decent lap dog spaniel need only cross a Field Cocker with a Papillion. I will write up an instant breed history if folks want; I have done it before, and my instant histories are no less true than those tossed about by clucking Kennel Club matrons who seem unaware that "their" breed was invented at Crufts based on a sample size of one!

The Pug cannot be saved by using Western stock. Jettison all the dog show crap and go back to Asia and look for dogs with longer snouts and eyes that do not bulge. Sure, keep the name if you want, but write a new standard and start anew with an open registry that contains little or none of the currently registered stocks.

As for the English Bulldog, its is a bow-legged, snorting, farting, national embarrassment. The British -- a great people -- should be ashamed that they have allowed this deformed, defective and diseased breed to be foisted upon them as a national symbol, when healthy, viral Staffordshire Terriers are about to do to the job.

I make my point just as the Kennel Club has announced that all 64 of the 64 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels tested for the chiari malformation (CM) were found to be in the highest band. These are dogs born to suffer, and they are hardly alone, are they?  More than 85% of Cavaliers have heart disease, and more than 50 percent have Syringomyelia.  Breeders of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels KNOW they are breeding dogs that are defective, and that a predictably large number of these dogs will suffer, and almost all will cost their owners staggering veterinary bills.

Why are we allowing predictably defective products to be sold and foisted on the public? 

Why are we allowing breeders to whelp a huge percentage of diseased and defective dogs that we know will suffer?

At what point, do we say ENOUGH!?
Have a rescue pug you do not breed?  Full applause!

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