Saturday, September 21, 2013

Florida Pythons in the Thousands

A repost from 2009

It was supposed to be just another day at work for the staff at the Okeechobee Veterinary Hospital in Florida.

Their regular clients are household pets with the occasional hog, horse, and cow treated on an out-call basis.

But then Corey Surls, age 11, saw the snake. Corey's uncle, veterinarian Jim Harvey, owns the veterinary hospital.

To make a long story short, the Burmese python caught at the back of the 20-acre veterinary compound was 17 feet, 2 inches long, and measured 26 inches around at its thickest point, and it weighed 207 pounds, making it the largest python yet caught as part of the Great Florida Python roundup.

The python was dispatched with a .22 rifle before the veterinary staff posed for a once-in-a-lifetime picture.

The meat of the snake meat was donated to a nearby wildlife rehabilitation facility where it will serve as dinner for native wildlife recovering from their mishaps.

Some thought is being given to turning the skin into handbags for the ladies.

Any wonder there isn't more terrier work done in Florida? If the snakes don't get you, the alligators will!

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