Monday, September 16, 2013

Deep Shame and Crap Communication

The above Facebook graphic would be deemed to be a complete FAILURE in any Communications 101 class.

Read it, and you hear the word SHAME.

Nixon's "not a crook" means he was a crook.

Clinton's "I did not have sex with that woman" means he had sex with that woman.

Is this the product of the very expensive Edelman public relations campaign commissioned by the rapidly collapsing American Kennel Club?  Who knows? 

The AKC account seems to have been turned over to a 25-year old.  Perfect! 

Of course, Edelman has always been the last refuge of the contemptible and desperate.  You go to Edelman when you have no other lifeboat. This is the company after all, that served as paid apologists for cigarettes even as that product killed 500,000 Americans a year.  Now this same company are paid apologists for WalMart wages.  Wonderful!

And so why would Edelman not serve as paid apologists for the last gasp of the eugenics movement... paid apologists for dogs purposely bred to be defective, diseased and deformed?

It's a perfect union.

Here's an idea!  

How about combing the old tobacco and cancer campaign, and the new defective dog campaign?  

May I suggest the campaign logo below?

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