Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Coffee and Provocation

ASPCA No Longer Does Law Enforcement

Solving the Deer Problem at $3,000 Per Deer
The geniuses of Cayuga Heights in Tompkins County, New York (where Cornell is located) just spent $35,000 to sterilize 12 does

Is This the End of Café Culture?
London has seen its first pay-per-minute coffee place.  Will this horror now sweep the world?

When the Russians Wiped Out the Humpback Whale
How did the Humpback Whale get pushed nearly into extinction?  It was due to the Russians, and they did it all in less than 15 years time.
Good News for Mormons!
Polygamy works to select for thicker penis bones in mice.

Let's Not Toss Around the Word "Extinct"
An "extinct" shark has been found in a fish market 1,000 miles from last one caught.  Maybe instead of tossing around the word "extinct" scientists simply need to look in the field a little more?  More new species are actually "discovered" every year than are provably going extinct.


GIGO stands for "Garbage in = Garbage Out.  That's my response to Time magazine saying it can predict your politics, and the first question is about… DOGSThis is science?  GMAFB.  You get to guess what that stands for.

100,000 Massive Bats Fall From the Sky
A heat wave in Australia caused 100,000 flying fox fruit bats to fall from the sky in Australia.  Flying Foxes are very big bats weighing 1-2 pounds.

What??? The Civil War Was About Slavery? 
One of the most pernicious lies of the southern apologist is the claim that "the civil war was not about slavery," a line of bunk to which I always respond:  "you clearly have never read any of the Articles of Secession have you? Now, The Washington Post has made a graphic about it.  Of course, no true southerner would be caught reading anything, much less The Washington Post, so the lie will continue.

How to Raise a Sociopath
From investigative historian Eric Zuesse comes this observation: “To the extent that a person wants his child to succeed (in the ordinary sense of that term), to rise or stay at the top in social standing, the parent will teach his child not to care about the welfare of others but only of himself, and to do anything or crush anyone in order to win what he wants. The child will be taught that he is entitled to do this because of his inborn superiority, his lineage -- not because of anything he does or has done. On the other side, to the extent that a parent encourages a child to care about the welfare of others, or not feel entitled by birth, that parent will reduce the likelihood his child will attain or retain high social standing."

The Continuing Crisis
Apparently, Medicare is "grievously overpaying for penis pumps."

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