Friday, January 24, 2014

Whatcha Been Doing?

Several folks have called and written
 and asked "Whatcha Doing?"

I've been invited to a "sew in" B-Day bash soon
 and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to
work on a quilt I started YEARS ago.

I used to sew all the time and then life, 
issues and other interests got in the way
 and I stopped quilting entirely.
I love the fabrics in this quilt..very much
my old primitive favorites but it will still
go quite nicely in my blue and brown bedroom.

It requires 96 blocks and I am at 64 as of today.

Every block is random and includes plaids and checks
in browns, beiges, blues and a touch of yellows.
I opened the basket where the blocks and strips
 were stored and just 
threw them out on the chair and desk
 and started sewing.

I'll see how far I get before the sew in and
then an entire day there just may "get er' done"

Sew a side, trim/turn, sew a side, trim/turn
and so on.
A Log Cabin

I just toss them to the floor as they are completed.
Funny they look crooked here but they're not. I did 
not cut the strips with anything but abandon 
so the plaids and checks do not always run straight.
I wanted it that way, to appear primitive and I 
will most likely overdye it when finished also.

 I was thinking I will add a solid border with some appliques 
perhaps because I love doing those also.
I miss doing needlecraft.
Maybe this will resurrect my first love.
Needle and thread

A painters pallet of fabrics
It is all connected

In other news I shared a lovely day on Monday
with a photographer Tracey Perry, 
who shot my home for a Holiday Book 
to hopefully be published next year.
It is a major undertaking and I will keep 
you posted as I proceed.

I am thrilled to be able to get 
Christmas taken down, and do some more purging
and a thorough cleaning of the house.
I have NEVER had it up this long before,
it has made me a little antsy.

Because of my organized box system
it will come down lickety split.

So that's my story
What's yours?

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