Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dog Killers at PetSmart

I am always amazed at how much space gets given to dog food quality, which is almost never an issue, as compared to dog food quantity, at a time when 40% of all dogs are obese.
By the same token, I am amazed at how much space is given to largely mythical dog food toxins (Have you ever seen a dog even look at a poinsettia, much less chew on one?  Does anyone you know have baker's chocolate in their house, and have you ever actually tasted it?) while completely ignoring the fact that dog killers are openly sold from the racks at PetSmart and Petco. 
The pictures,  above, are toys for dogs
Not said:  These are toys for dogs about to get very expensive veterinary surgery, or dogs that are about to die from bowel obstruction if their owners cannot afford that surgery.

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