Wednesday, January 8, 2014

God is Funny

Is God Hindu?
How else to explain the fact that they make the most money in this country?

Does God hate religion?
How else to explain that the world's poorest people are among the most religious

Does God curse religious people by giving them low intelligence?
How else to explain the strong negative correlation between intelligence and religiosity?

Or is God simply an Irishman with a wicked sense of humor?

The dogs, of course, have their own faith.  As I have noted in the past:

The dogs are not Christian. Christians are preoccupied with the promise of an afterlife, while the dogs do not give it a moment’s thought. The dogs are Zen Buddhists, always living in the eternal NOW, fully cognizant that all is connected, and that much of life is unseen (if not unscented or unheard).

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